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    1. The JinHongFeng Accurate Manufacturing Co, Ltd Was created in 2002, lies in the HeTao industrial Zone of Chengyang district of Qingdao .Close to Liuting International Airport in the Jiqing expressway in the Innorth. Border on Qingdao in the east and flow in the International airport of the pavilion,Jiaozhou Bay expressway in thesouth , the traffic is very convenient.
      the company welcomes the old and new friends of all circles to circles of all circles to condescend to condescend to inquire at the same time!

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      Jin Hongfeng P product appearance quality, reliability and safety of the mechanical properties and is close to the international advanced level of similar products.


          In Jin Hongfeng, you are promising! Welcome to Jin Hongfeng, there are more opportunities for advancement and excellent work environment ...


      20 years of development, Jin Hongfeng has become a national innovation-oriented enterprises, the national first batch of pilot demonstration enterprises intelligent...

      Workers at high temperature


      Scorching sun, the temperature rising. In order to ensure the completion of production tasks, the production line double people sweat profusely, dedica...

      Advanced design methods, safety


      Advanced design methods, safety Advanced design methods, safety Advanced design methods, safety Advanced design methods, safety Advanced design methods...

      United innovation, grasp the discourse - made in China


      To do a good job, must first sharpen his device. All round the world industrial development history, the standard is the beacon of the industry, the st...

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